"Gaseste serviciul care iti place si vei adauga cate cinci zile fiecarei saptamani" Michelangelo Buonarotti


                                                                                           Are you in need of a good recruiting agency ?

                                                                                  Are you looking for a job everywhere in the world?

                    In this case you need an agency that you can trust in finding what is the best for you.


For employers and candidates who want to find a recruitment agency for a particular job or in specific areas , RENTA CRED -H.R. AGENCY is your best choice.

    We are from Romania, Tulcea, and we are established according to Romanian laws regulating work  in Romania and abroad.

    Recommended usage:

  - Recruit candidates for vacancies in romanian and foreign companies;

 -  Make known the offers that we receive from  employers interested in romanian labor market;

  - Perform the selection and recruitment of candidates in legal conditions, according to the employers requirements;

Foreign employers may acces our services directly, whenever they want us to provide them qualified or unqualified persons for their vacancies;

  We are also looking for partners to work with directly or to represent their companies here, in Romania.

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